Who Are The Taxperts?

We are a group of proven tax professionals, who strive to provide our clients with complete tax preparation services with as little headache as possible.  What do you look for when getting your taxes filed?



Taxes are something that shouldn’t be left to just anyone.  Both Revenue Quebec and the Canada Revenue Agency impose high penalties and fees when dealing with the misfiling of tax returns.  This is where we come in; we have a proven track record of filing both provincial and federal tax returns free from penalties and audit.



We cater our tax preparation services to each individual without overcharging.  This gives you exactly what you need to maximize your refund without charging you for extras.  If you have a single source of income (no matter how much that income may be) you don’t have to pay as much as someone who has a more complicated return.  But rest assured if you do have several sources of income we offer a full range of services that can maximize your return while avoiding audit.



While this isn’t something in the front of every taxpayers mind, it is the most important factor when maximizing someone’s return.  Compared to major tax preparation companies/software (H&R Block, Turbotax, UFile, etc.) Taxperts takes the time to understand where each client stands in terms of current tax credits at their disposal, all potential tax credits that can be claimed,, and aiding in planning for the next tax year so that the client knows what receipts need to be kept so that all potential tax credits are claimed and the maximum refund is given.



Working with us is less like hiring a company and more like gaining a strong tax contact.  We encourage that all our clients be more informed on new tax credits and the difference between allowable tax credits and disallowed tax expenses because the more informed you are, the better prepared you are come tax season, the higher your refund and the easier it is for us to prepare your taxes.  A real win-win situation.  We also offer full support after the taxes have been filed with regards to your notice of assessment, changes made to your return, and any questions you might have after the fact.