Frequently Asked Taxpert Questions

How long does it take you to prepare my tax returns?

That depends on our seasonal influx of returns and how time sensitive your specific return is.  By this we mean that if you indicate that you need your return filed by a certain date, we’ll give you an honest answer to whether or not we can deliver by this date, and we will deliver by that date, at no extra cost.  Generally speaking turnover is 72 to 86 hours.

Do you offer services to change previously filed tax returns?

Absolutely, usually we can arrange a discount if you’re filing your current year with us and would also us to backfile previous year’s returns.  Contact us for more information.

What if I don't want to issue permission for you to file on my behalf?

Some people do not feel comfortable having someone else file their tax returns on their behalf.  At Taxperts we understand this feeling and have a solution for you.  Upon completion of your tax returns we can email you the NETFILE copy of your federal and provincial returns so that you can login to the CRA/MRQ website and submit it yourself.

Do I to have an account online with the CRA/MRQ?

  Not all, we can give you a physical copy of your returns that you can then mail to your respective Tax Centre (we will provide you with the proper mailing addresses)

When do I have to pay for my returns?

Normally we will request full payment for your return after you have approved both the federal and provincial copy of your return that will be transmitted to the tax authorities.  Once we have received full payment we will then remit your statements via pre-determined method.  If you have any questions with regards to payment timing, instalments, or payment methods send us a message

Frequently Asked General Tax Questions

In how long should I expect my return(s) to be processed?

This is dependent on the date the returns are submitted.  The closer to April 30th the returns are submitted the longer they will take to be processed.  Turnaround times for Revenue Canada and Revenu Quebec vary from 2-5 weeks, so the faster you submit your return, the less time it will take to be processed.

What is the deadline to file my yearly tax returns?

If you have a balance owing they must be submitted on April 30th or earlier, if you fail to submit by this date there is a 75$ fee and interest rates apply on all outstanding balances.  If you have a refund owed to you there is no date that you must file by, but in not filing you are probably missing out on several federal and provincial benefits that are only claimable if you file your yearly return.

Do I have to file my tax return if I didn't have any income last year?

It depends, if your tax agency has specifically requested that you file a tax return for a given year then you must file.  If not, then it is at your discretion to file a return or not, there are many advantages to file a return even though you did not have any income for the year and there is even a chance that you will receive a refund as a result of filing.

What is the deadline for making deductible Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Contributions?

The general rule is that you have 60 days from the year-end to contribute to an RRSP and have that contribution count for the previous year.  For example, for 2014 you have until March 1st 2015 to make contributions to an RRSP and that contribution is deductible for the 2014 tax year.

What happens if I don't receive a T4 or Relevé 1 from my employer?

   By law each employer has to remit all employees’ T4’s and Relevé 1’s by the last day of February.  Normally, if you have not received anything by that point Taxperts can contact the governing body directly and request all necessary information directly from them with no headache on your end.